Businesses which are working in international partnerships through joint-ventures, subcontracting, licensing or franchising or which are active in export markets or leading business linkages initiatives, must have a critical dimension (assets, turnover, employment), are usually financially sound (returns, liquidity, self-financing capacity) and perform above average (productivity, quality, cycle times, commercial aggressiveness, product diversification and innovation), pay better wages, show stronger social and environmental responsibility and, therefore, seek business partners whose vision and performance capacity can progressively meet such prerequisites.


The Project invites enquiries and applications from active medium to large size private Ghana-based companies along the agricultural value chain that have already sound business practices and:

  • Seek a new dimension by collaborating with international business partners and investors;
  • Have interest in and potential to enter and compete in the ECOWAS target markets;
  • Aim at cooperating with leading corporations in the food industry and agribusiness value chain by joining their network of suppliers.

National businesses seeking international partners can be linked with suitable transnational operators. Therefore, the Project will organize Business to Business (B2B) meetings, including overseas, where coordinators familiar with the environment and investors will be contracted to provide all necessary support. Follow-up services are also arranged: investor-enquiry handling, investment facilitation and aftercare.

Companies seeking to start, improve or boost their exports to ECOWAS can receive coaching assistance for their export initiatives and the possibility of participating in trade missions coordinated with the support of local consultants familiar with the market operators, consumption patterns and import procedures.

Leading agribusiness corporations in Ghana wishing to expand their network of suppliers shall be invited to be part of the Ghana Business Linkages Programme promoted by the Project. The lead company and the Project will identify and retain potential new suppliers and assist them to strengthen their operations and access to finance.


  1. Interested companies should consult the “how we work” in the drop down menu to check the selection criteria applicable to each key activity and download the Application and Project Outline Form;
  2. The company submits the application and project outline form for analysis of eligibility and compliance with the objectives of the targeted key activity. A questionnaire may be sent by email to the attention of the company, in case additional specific information is required;
  3. Once eligibility is confirmed, an expert designated by the Project will visit the applicant company to evaluate its readiness and project outline potential and, depending on the selected activity, agree on a cooperation process and conditions, as well as an action plan, which may involve a Business to Business (B2B) mission abroad. In this case a principle of cost-share (by the company) applies (cost of travel and accommodation);
  4. The Project and the company then sign a cooperation agreement which confirms the objective of the collaboration, identifies cooperation conditions with roles and responsibilities and is complemented with a final action plan.

Applicants should read the selection criteria very carefully and be sure that there is compliance with the eligibility requirements before submitting the Application and Project Outline Form.

Applicants who do not fully comply with the proposed criteria and sector best practices, are recommended to proceed with business upgrading actions and directed by email to relevant agencies.